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You too can experience urban diversity and roomments. in the bustling north of Stuttgart. This vibrant quarter offers an extensive range of educational opportunities and a variety of cultural events, all within walking distance.

A spontaneous trip to the supermarket or the more extravagant shopping spree will take you to the modern-day shopping centre – the Milaneo; just a short walk away. The main station, which can be reached by underground or bus, is only two minutes away. If you prefer to come by car, you may park in our underground parking garage, which takes you directly onto the B27 – Stuttgart’s main thoroughfare. This lively quarter, in immediate proximity to the city centre, unites the spirit of urban living, unique architecture and lush green parks. Welcome to Europaviertel!

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Stay curious. Discover all that Stuttgart has to offer and do so directly from your doorstep. Owing to the central location, the historic district and parks can be visited on foot. This is how you can immerse yourself in cultural offers and local recreation in nature.

Stuttgart; where trendsetting global corporations meet historic old town German charm and global players meet over cheese spaetzle and Swabian ravioli. This green metropolis has set new standards in urban development while also being at the centre of Germany’s best performing industrial region. The rich balance of traditional yet innovative companies, along with its residents and well-established Swabian tranquillity draws people of all ages, whether they are commuters or travelling for business.


Schlossplatz literally pulsates with life in every sense of the word. This is where Tuscan charm meets magnificent architecture. The green spaces are particularly pleasant in summer while the numerous cafes and restaurants serve refreshments. Against this historic backdrop, the square annually transforms into a hotspot for the international music scene. Tip – you absolutely must secure a ticket to the Jazz-Open!


The shopping boulevard around Schlossplatz up to central station is more than one kilometre long. You will find everything your heart desires in the large department stores, international retailers and owner-managed boutiques. Enjoy a stroll along the city’s most beautiful hotspots.


The unique perfectly designed architectural cube houses a wide range of resources, an in-house café, workstations and free access to a rooftop terrace.


Welcome to the city of Swabian ravioli and cheese spaetzle. Stuttgart has a wide range of culinary delights for the gourmet as well as dishes to satisfy the appetite. Swabian, as well as international cuisine, is right at home here.